Life is busy and being efficient is important. We found some life hacks that you needed to know yesterday to make your life easier. Add these life hacks to your Good to Know List! You will wish you knew them sooner!

Say cheese! Spray Your Cheese Grater for easy clean up. I tried this the other day and was amazed by how easy the clean-up became. Thanks Shellie! | Simply Shellie

The Best Ever Grout Cleaner: who knew how helpful Toilet Bowl Cleaner could be!?! I have not tried this hack but I have seen it a few times and it is on my to do list next time I need to clean the kid’s bathroom tile. | Life PreKarious

If you have a big box fan and an air filter, then make this Homemade Air Purifier. Need to try this! | Ms. Not So Perfect

Want to keep a spoon from slipping in a bowl when it is resting? Tie a rubber band on the top of the spoon. This will keep it in place while it is lying against the edge of the bowl and you step away. (Also seen in our Baking Hacks and Tips)

Looking for a specific movie? Take a look at these Netflix Codes to dig deeper in your search categories. This was a very exciting find. I feel like sometimes I am digging trying to find the perfect movie/show to watch. it isn’t always easy with an Apple TV remote too! | Play Pennies

Cords are an eyesore. Hide cords in a cute shoe box. Slide and tuck away.  I have tried this in my kids bedroom for other things, but it is so genius when it comes to the idea of hidding electronics.| Wrapped in Rust

Want to create some ambiance and feel like your bathroom is an escape to a spa? Bottle all your products into attractive bottles. Two things I recognize from this photo. One the bottle count of both the before and after photo are the same BUT the after photo looks like so much less clutter. Something to be said for everything being uniform. You can purchase a pretty shampoo conditioner pump set right here. | The Chic Site

Need a hand in the kitchen? Use a hanger to hang things like a recipe, magazine or cookbook! Have you tried this? I always get my recipe/recipe books dirty when they are left on the counter. I love this solution! | The Chive

Don’t sew? Make this skirt to hide toys and hidden store using fabric scraps – NO sewing machine necessary (or thread and needle!) I think there are so spots I could do this in our home!| Differentiated Kindergarten

Organize your life! Who gets annoyed by tangled up cable cords? Use a few zip-ties to keep these annoying little cords in line without damaging them! | Imgur

Cook bacon on a waffle maker – that’s all! I am giving this a try. I truly hate the splash of bacon and this offers a true solution. | One Good Thing by Jillee

Cut a pancake with a pizza cutter – why didn’t I think of this? This is perfect for keeping the syrup off everything. Also great for the younger kids! I do this ALL THE TIME now! | Cook and Craft Me Crazy

We are obsessed with Lemon Essential Oil – Look at this Shower Head Cleaner Trick with Vinegar! I have tried this before and it worked great! | The Melrose Family

Increase the value of your kitchen appliances with Stainless Steel Contact Paper. I really want to give this a try. It is great for saving money on your home before placing it on the market. | Get it Here

Get permanent marker off everything with these laundry tips – good tip to know! | Unknown

Use a knife to slice a pint of ice cream into the perfect Cookie Sandwich. My kids would love this. I would especially love it wedged between a warm cookie! This chef knife is amazing for cutting. | Ben & Jerry’s

Core a strawberry with a straw! Enough said. We always have straws on hand. | One Good Thing by Jillee

Keep bugs out of your drink this summer with this cupcake liner hack. This would go great beside the lake! How beautiful are these cupcake liners for an outdoor bbq or out by the water? | Instagram Foods2Hack

Take a look at this idea for reheating pizza – crispy AND melty! | Twitter

Life hack: put dryer sheets on the back of your fan and your apartment/room will smell like clean laundry. | Twitter

Life hack for dirty sneakers! Use Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water to clean the soles of your shoes and make them white again! | Twitter

Make a cookie basket from paper plates! We shared this with our cookie exchange ideas too. This is such a fun way to deliever cookies. | It’s Always Autumn

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